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Exotic Escapes Candle

Exotic Escapes Candle

Light up our Exotic Escapes Fragrance and off you go to the warmest sands and bluest oceans. With a crisp Bergamot, perfectly complimented by notes of fresh ocean air this fragrance is gently soothed by notes of sweet vanilla and coconut. A beautifully balanced blend.  This fragrance oil is initially characterised by a fresh and zesty aroma of fresh bergamot and ozone. Gently elevated further by fresh ocean air with a hint of lily. The  soft base fragrance of powdered musk and sweet vanilla add a sense of warmth, while waves of milky coconut sooth the citrus into a delightful flow of fragrance.

Presented in a luxury black matt glass jar. 


100% plant based wax - Cocount and rapeseed


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